EC Company Safety Awards

EC is consistently recognized as one of the top performers in the industry and region with regards to safety. Our safety honors throughout the years includes multiple awards from the following agencies:

AGC Recognition of Safety Excellence (ROSE) Award

AGC of Washington Safety Team

Intel Supplier Safety Leadership and Excellence Award (SSLEA) 

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) / International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Safe Contractor of the Year Award

AGC National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA); specialty contractor category over 1 million hours worked 

NECA-IBEW Joint Industry Safety Award 

EC Company Safety: An IFE Culture

Safety Is No Accident

We believe all accidents and injuries are preventable, and our top-down commitment to ZERO accidents and injuries translates to savings for our customers. The prevention of accidents and injuries is achieved through control of the working environment and control of our actions and attitudes.

Among our most valued assets is the combined knowledge and experience of our supervisors, foreman, and craft personnel who accept their responsibilities to prevent accidents and injuries while working. Safety is each individuals personal responsibility. The quest for an Incident Free Environment is what drives us, making safety a part of our company’s fabric - not an appendage.

Each employee understands that safe performance requires careful planning. Planning creates a safe workplace and promotes efficient performance in all aspects of our work. A company that has an effective safety program will have a working environment in which operations can be conducted economically, efficiently and, above all, safely.


An Introduction to our Incident Free Environment Culture
EC Company has transformed its safety culture into an Injury Free Environment (IFE) culture. Over the past two years the company has implemented many program elements as part of a total safety culture transformation. This effort in time and resources has been enormous; indicative of the top down commitment needed to effect change of this magnitude within an organization.

The effort to transform the safety culture of our company has had immediate impact and success, and has included; forming a Safety Leadership Team of the company’s top managers, mandating Stretch & Flex and Pre-Task planning company wide, monthly IFE meetings, creating departmental incident reduction plans, the use of a perception survey to gage IFE success, creating IFE vision and commitment statements, creating and using IFE orientation hard hat stickers to signify employee commitment, and creating a Safety Blog for the sharing of safety-related information and best practices.

Our success is evidenced both culturally and statistically. Managers and supervisors have embraced this change and are accountable for it. Our RIR has been cut by half and LTR reduced to zero in 2010. These measures indicate success, however, our IFE journey is never-ending, and one we are committed to. In our culture, safety is a value, not simply a priority!