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EC’s in-house Design/Build team is flexible, innovative and committed to finding ways to design systems that meet the owner’s goals while maintaining the construction budget—on any project, across all industries. By identifying common goals, our teams coordinate efforts with other project teams to develop an effective design.

Experienced electrical designers provide quick and spontaneous document reviews for constructability and cost impact issues, minimizing coordination errors between MEP engineering design teams and detecting clashes before construction actually takes place.

Design/Build services include conceptualization, estimating, budgeting, engineering, design, Building Information Modeling and CAD drawings to take a project from concept to completion. The Design/Build method, combined with our full complement of in-house capabilities, allows clients to achieve the optimum combination of value and quality.


Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology helps our teams to be more efficient and effective than ever before. When our BIM team receives the electronic design intent from the project Architects/Engineers, we use that information to share our expertise with the design team through advanced digital drafting tools like Revit, AutoCAD & Naviworks, bringing a high level of precision, collaboration and efficiency to the project.


Prefabrication and Trimble

Once we have created a collaborative design, we work with all other disciplines to develop prefabrication plans and the use of the Trimble device. Prefabrication, whether in the shop and or out in the field, improves safety and efficiency by allowing us to build components in bulk, in conjunction with other trades. The Trimble device eliminates the long tedious time of laying out string-lines, and is able to pin-point layouts with speed and precision.



Expert Capabilities:
Design/Build Assist
Conceptual Budgeting
Feasibility Assessment
Value Engineering
Electronic Archiving
Drafting and Software Resources
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Trimble Tool
3D and Clash Detection